Baby Hippos Playing in the Wild May 2020

Baby Hippos Playing in the Wild May 2020

Playing hippos in the wild Kai the older is just over one year of age and the baby not yet named is just over two months. The new calf is the 61st calf born since the Turgwe Hippo Trust was came about and Karen Paolillo began her behaviour study thirty years ago this year in October.

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    Meraviglioso! Di certo l Ippopotamo è il mio Animale preferito! I piccoli poi, sono di una tenerezza unica!
    Ne abbiamo adottati tanti , e tanti altri continueremo ad adottare!

  2. Linda Goldsmith

    Thanks for that -wish we were all having as much fun as they are! The little guy is quite the bold one , eh? Best to you and all.

    • Linda this crazy world that we have moved into will come back to some semblance of normality at some stage we just have to keep positive Love Karen and the hippos

  3. Clare

    Lovely, carry on the fantastic work!

  4. Susan Monteiro

    Lovely video. Calf seems very cheeky. It has really cheered me up. Thanks Karen.

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