Cute Animals Oct 2014

Cute Animals Oct 2014

At the Turgwe Hippo Trust a family of Chacma baboons of over fifty use our home as their habitat and so we get to watch completely natural behaviour. Some of it is so cute as you will see in this small video clip. Squiggle the slender mongoose came into our lives in March 2013 and she is still living in the house with us and is not showing any signs of wanting to leave. She has enriched our lives and our old pussycats one hundred percent and as you can see she has grown into a beautiful animal. Baby hippos and their antics take a lot to beat and here you can watch the youngest baby Darrow and his friends and family.

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  1. Helen Capps

    What a great video with all the sights and sounds of your piece of heaven. Banky has grown so much and I love to watch your videos to keep up to date with all the hippos progress. Thank you for everything you do xxx

  2. Nancy Watkins

    Wow, those animals are so sweet and amazing. Thanks, Karen, for taking the time and energy to share these great pics with everyone.

  3. Maureen Adkin

    Hi Karen it is wonderful to see how healthy all the animals look, you’re doing a fantastic job. Cheers, Maureen

  4. Wendy Audet

    I love to see the pictures & videos of all the animals. They are adorable. Glad to see that they are doing well. Wendy (Herbert’s mom)

  5. Nora Davidoff

    Hi Karen–just a note to say thank you for always allowing us into your life and experiences! The video is ultra cute and I enjoyed reading your book immensely. While reading it, I found that the amazing struggles and difficulties you and Jean encountered were beyond belief and more so that you continued to stay there! I commend you both on all your efforts and loyalties. Thank you for providing great viewing and reading materials and don’t stop! Nora Davidoff

  6. Linda Pashley Murray

    Hi Karen,
    Cute, Cuter,cutest! I enjoyed your video. They all look healthy and happy and relaxed. Hope all is well.( Must dash to the feed store for horse supplies.)

  7. Cindy Dodds

    I LOVE your videos, Karen – especially the hippo ones. Thank you for all your efforts in putting them together for us to watch! And look how big Squiggle has gotten. 🙂

  8. Inge Skliros

    Loved the video Karen! I am glad to see Squiggles is thriving and the baboons are continuing to multiply. 🙂 And all the hippos look fat and healthy thanks to you and Jean-Roger. Here’s wishing you good rains this year! …and keep those videos coming. Some of us love them and look forward to each episode!

  9. ann boye

    HI Karen
    i am sorry we don’t comment enough…but we LOVE the videos and truly enjoy seeing them anytime you share.
    WE appreciate the time and effort you put into the sharing.
    thank you for caring for all the hippos!!!

  10. Lona Goudswaard

    These are very cute animals indeed, Karen. It’s too hard to say which is the cutest, so I won’t. They all are cute in their own way.
    Thank you for making such an effort to make the video. I’ll bring it to the attention of my friends tomorrow, so hopefully you’ll have a few more hits this weekend.
    Cheers, Lona

    • thank you Lona it means a lot to me if people make comments and hopefully enjoy the videos and any blogs Miss Squiggle just caught a blue tailed lizard she is certainly a predator but we love her to bits. Thanks so much for your comment Love Karen and the hippos

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