Gona-Rhe-Zhou the place of the elephants Zimbabwe July 2017

Gona-Rhe-Zhou the place of the elephants Zimbabwe July 2017

Karen takes you to the nearest National Park from Hippo Haven so that you can have a sneak preview of the most amazing place in Zimbabwe after Hippo Haven.

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  1. Pat Marston

    How lovely to see another aspect of Zimbabwe’s amazing wildlife – thanks so much Karen.

    • Pat you are welcome and it is such a beautiful place the best I think in Zimbabwe after Hippo Haven 🙂 love Karen and the hippos

  2. Susan Monteiro

    Amazing scenery and wonderful to see the Elephant bull. Thanks Karen!

    • Esther

      DEEPLY moving being so close to the elephants.
      Thank you so much Karen.
      My special thoughts as always to you and the hippos and all other animals who share the land with you.
      Esther (in far away Canada)

    • Thank you Susan glad you liked the video love Karen and the hippos x

  3. Hilary Johnson

    Wonderful video, Karen.

  4. Ian Robson

    Video is very different. I love the vast space and the cliffs. Very jealous of you having a picnic there.

    • Hi Ian yes it is an amazing spot and we have had the lucky of going there twice this year and it open me up in my heart and mind. That space cleans you. Love K and the hippos

  5. Cinda L

    Thank you for the lovely video! Lovely country and of course there is nothing quite like an elephant!

  6. Christina Corser

    Amazing video Karen, thank you so much. What beautiful and calm creatures elephants are – I loved the dust bath. You’re right, they need all the help they can get from us as do so many other of the wonderful wild animals that fall prey to (trophy) hunters and poachers and are in danger of going extinct because of humans.

    • Christina glad you enjoyed and let us hope that people will respond to the call for help from the animals Love Karen and the hippos

  7. Olivia Turnbull Nilsson

    This was another treat, thank you Karen! Olivia (living in Sweden)

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