Hyena calls and Kudu family June 2015

Hyena calls and Kudu family June 2015

Karen recorded Hyena calls during the night and filmed amazing footage of a family of Kudu.

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  1. Daria

    How magnificent Karen! I’ve never seen Kudu before. Thank you for all you do

  2. Susan Monteiro

    Such unique footage. I enjoyed the beauty of the Kudu and the serenity of the scenes. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Nancy Watkins

    Great kudu footage – feels like you are almost there!! Thanks!! Nancy

  4. Esther

    Very special. Thank you so much for sharing these moments with us Karen.

    • I love reading your comments and also learning about deer in USA and other places. I have two ladies from UK here at present who won the competition to stay at Turgwe Hippo Trust so I have not got as much time on line. I do though read everything you all write and really love having these comments from you all. Love Karen and the animals xx

  5. Catia

    Wonderful,the deer here aren’t as dramatic, but since I’m also in a semi wilderness they are all around, looking for food. We are in a pretty serious drought here, so I have been putting out trays of water daily for them. I like the idea of the salt lick and may try one. There are little tiny babies with their mothers and I saw a pregnant yearling the other day. Thank you again Karen for the lovely video. Catia

  6. Linda Pashley Murray

    Lovely! We have new white tail deer babies in the back field that are leaping and bounding playfully. They are not nearly as well decorated as your kudos. What great markings. (our rut is in OCT-Nov)

  7. Pat Marston

    Lovely footage of those graceful & imposing Kudu – thanks Karen

  8. Nora Davidoff

    How wonderful that you can step out your door and see beautiful wildlife such as the Kudu and baboons like these. A great video to share with your followers and we appreciate all you and your husband’s efforts in saving all the wildlife! “KUDUS” to you both!

    Nora Davidoff

  9. Helen Capps

    What a magnificent family of Kudu – They are so majestic and look in really good condition. Thanks for sharing this lovely video with us who are stuck in offices here in the UK! XXX

  10. Lona Goudswaard

    I quite agree with you Karen, these Kudu are absolutely beautiful. The majestic bulls with their marvelously twisted horns are especially a sight to behold. The Kudu and Baboons grazing together give this video such an air of tranquility, a short moment of natural peace. It must be wonderful to be able to watch this so close to your house,as a well deserved reward for all the hard work and dedication you, and your husband, have given all the animals surrounding you.

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