New 2019 Turgwe Hippo Trust Calendar is Sold Out

New 2019 Turgwe Hippo Trust Calendar is Sold Out


The new 2019 Turgwe Hippo Trust calendar is SOLD OUT.


Back of calendar 2019

Cover of calendar 2019


Featuring Humpty, Kuchek, Tembia, Odile, Becky, Relief, Shama, Surprise, Steve, George, Tacha, Horatio, Laura, Tsakus, Grace, Baba.

Love, Karen and the hippos.
All photos by Karen Paolillo, Turgwe Hippo Trust.

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  1. Richard

    Hi, I’m interested in sponsoring a hippo as a Christmas gift for someone. However, I can’t use PayPal. Are there any other payment methods available?

    Thank you.

  2. Annette Eastwood

    I’d like a couple of calendars here in Zimbabwe….where are they being sold?

    • Patrick J

      Hello Annette
      You just have to click on the button (£ or $).
      Then in Paypal, you can change the quantity from 1 to what you want.
      Also, you can send a email using Contact Us, to confirm quantities and address.

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