Playing baboon and squiggle mongoose January 2018

Playing baboon and squiggle mongoose January 2018

Baboons playing in water during the hot weather. Squiggle the Slinder Mongoose playing.

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  1. Susan Monteiro

    Very cute and smart! Thanks Karen.

  2. Love it! Made me smile x

  3. Beautiful, tranquil scenes – thank u for sharing Karen and Jean-Paul x

  4. Pat Marston

    Delightful videos – thanks so much Karen

  5. Loretta Lehman

    Love seeing Squiggle!

  6. How is Tacha doing? I sponsored her one year 😉

  7. Linda Pashley Murray

    That baboon, feeling so hot, is smart enough to take a dip and playful sqiggle brightened my morning! Here across the pond we are having snow and 20 degrees. Brrrrr! Could use a little heat LOL

  8. Lona Goudswaard

    Thank you for a big smile, Karen. Love that clever young baboon in his private swimming pool and Ms. Squiggle showing where she got her name from.

  9. Christine Stewart

    Both scenarios are just so cute and unexpected- a clever baboon lounging in his personal pool, and Jean-Roger playing with Ms. Squiggle like she is a playful dog!

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