Raffle To Win A Stay For 2 At HIPPO HAVEN (ZIMBABWE) during 2015

Published : 30 Sep, 2014

The time has come for another raffle for two lucky people. The winners can come along to the Turgwe Hippo Trust and meet the Turgwe Hippos and the other animals who we share our life with.


For US$100, GBP60 or 79 Euros you can have 10 days at Hippo Haven as well as a night on arrival and a night on departure in Harare at one of our Trustees’ home. The winners will be picked up in Harare and brought to Hippo Haven the next day, a six hour drive. You are then returned to Harare at the end of ten days to fly back home. Flights are not included. All food, accommodation and transport are part of the prize.


The winner can choose between May and the end of September as to when they wish to come along and the runner up will win two years of adoption of a hippo.

The raffle will be drawn on November 14th by one of our game scouts and I will make a small video to show the winner’s draw. It will be shown on our site and YouTube on November 14th. I will also email the winner and the runner up.

So try your luck by purchasing a ticket you are actively helping in the Conservation of these wonderful animals.


Love to you all Karen and the hippos

Raffle is closed and winner is known.

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  1. Janet

    Hi Karen, I am wondering about how many people go for the raffle each year? I want to align my goals and hopes with statistical data 🙂 thanks for doing all you do!

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Janet it depends but on average around 30 to 35 people so far this year 16 but another few weeks to go before d day! xx Karen and the hippos

  2. karen paolillo

    Hi James really appreciate that you have entered the raffle but the chances of seeing Happy are very slim as you know he left this area a long time ago but there are still 20 hippos to say hello to if you win.

  3. James Paw

    Hope I win this year. If I do win I hope I get to see Happy.

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Mary we have not had any confirmation of your payment towards the raffle but when we do I will be notified and send you your raffle ticket number. Thanks so much

  4. Mary Walls

    I Hope and pray I will win a chance to meet the hippos!

  5. Helen Capps

    Hi Karen, Another excellent fund raising campaign – I have made my donation and have my fingers crossed to come back and see you and the hippos. It was absolutely wonderful to meet you all this year when I came with my sister and I would love to come back again for a brilliantly relaxing time learning about the hippos and life in Hippo Haven. Please keep up the good work for all of us, love and hugs to you all. Helen xxx

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Helen thanks so much for entering the raffle and good luck. It is extremely hot here at the moment in the early forties so have no idea what October is going to be like. This was a very hot September. You came along at the right time. Love and thanks Karen and Banky hippo and all the others xxx


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