Reader Digest Highlights Karen’s Book

Karen Paolillo’s book  “A HIPPO LOVE STORY” published by Penguin South Africa has been condensed by Readers Digest Australia.

Have a look at the illustrious company, it shares the front cover with !

Nice for the hippos to be alongside the future King of England quite fitting really.




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    Well done Karen, this will give your cause a huge boost, what you have dedicated your whole life to.

  2. There is only one queen of the Hippo’s!

  3. Joe hanly

    That’s amazing. Congratulations Karen ps hippos rule

  4. Inge Skliros

    You should invite him to Hippo Haven! 😉 He loves Africa… just maybe he’d accept???

  5. Pat McGinnis

    Congratulations, Karen! And of course you have earned the right to be right there with royalty by your dedication and love for your cause!

  6. Steve Gordon

    Great Karen. It is an incredible story and I am glad more people will see it in Australia.

    • Thanks Steve and yes it is a good way for the Australians and the New Zealanders to here about the book, now need it to take off in USA and UK 🙂

  7. Pat Marston

    Wonderful news Karen. Well done you (always said it’s a really splendid book), and a first class way to introduce many more people to the Turgwe Hippo Trust & your stalwart & untiring work in protecting & nurturing our beloved hippo friends.

  8. Very cool to be in such good illustrious company!

    • Hi Elke yes and the other guy so the three of us all represent important issues. The future King is very into the environment. The chap who wrote Ugly can show what it is to be different and yet to succeed and well A HIPPO LOVE STORY speaks for itself if you have read it 🙂 Love Karen and the hippos xx

  9. Linda Pashley Murray

    Kudos Karen! That is just so cool. You are in fine company there.

  10. Cinda Lautenschlegar

    Congrats on sharing the spotlight with the future King of England. He stands in rarified company with you and all the hippos!

    • Thanks Cinda it was such a surprise and very good publicity I hope for the hippos. I hope he gets to read the book:) Love Karen and the hippos

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