Second step of adoption

… second step : fill in the form with details of the adoption and click on “Submit”

Adopting a Hippo is a valuable decision.

Thank you so much

Fill the form with your details to complete the adoption process. After payment validated with paypal, you will then receive shortly the adoption package and news from the Turgwe Hippo Trust


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Please fill the form to help us tailoring the adoption to your personal wishes

As adopter, let us send you an email when the adoption is over in case you would like to continue supporting the Turgwe Hippo you have chosen for another year.

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NEW : please enter email declared as Paypal account owner to help us reconciliate foster's name with payer's name.

If this adoption is a gift, let us know who will benefit from this adoption.

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Next adoption step will be your choice of currency, and then a redirection to PayPal will end the process. Please don't miss to validating your fostering thru payment using Paypal. Fostering is not for free, we need your help to save the hippos. Thank you so much.

Once the fostering form has been sent, please wait for a few seconds you will be redirected to the next step for choosing if you want to use US Dollars, British pounds or Euros. One choice done, you will automatically directed to PayPal for payment. After PayPal, we will thank you for this wise action.