Steve the Hippo November 2020

Steve the Hippo November 2020

Our Media Star

This is our media star Steve hippo.
He turned 3 years of age in September and has learnt that it is safe to hang out at our home Hippo Haven. He was chased out of the family in December by his mother as she was about to have another calf.
This is normal hippo behavior but this is a first to have a young male come to our home for safety.
He initially ate grass on our lawn but then discovered that there was food at the backdoor for the baboons and warthogs and bush pigs. So now he is part of that family.
He is very content as he has company and we are feeding him a bit as it does keep him safe.
In 30 years 7 young males have been killed by other hippos once they were chased away from the family. Steve has more chance of a future if he comes to our home at night. He even sleeps near the back door for a few hours.

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  1. My daughter has loved hippos since she was three years old. Not the cartoon ones actual real hippos. We were excited to take her to the zoo to finally let her see a real hippo. She was happy but also sad. You could tell she has trying to hold back tears. When I finally got her to talk she said “mom – I am sad because they are sad. They don’t belong here. They belong to the earth. We took them away from their home.” Now I was crying. Since then my now 10 year old is on a mission to raise hippo awareness. When she asked for nothing else but to adopt a hippo this year for Christmas I knew it could not be a symbolic adoption or a zoo adoption. I am so grateful I found your site and your mission. My daughter has been combing over each hippo on your page for days but she has finally selected Harvey. This year for Christmas my little girl will her her hippo. We are proudly going to adopt Harvey for her. From the bottom of our hearts thank you for all you do for the hippos and thank you for making a little girls Christmas wish come true!

    • Dear Katie as you know I have been in touch with you and I so admire Katelynn’s love of hippos and the fact that she loves them to be wild. I really hope she enjoys looking after Harvey by adopting him and we send you both lots of hippo hugs and love Karen and all the hippos.

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