Thank You So Much

Dear Turgwe Hippo Trust supporter


The Turgwe Hippo Trust thanks you so much for your adoption or your donation or Karen’s book purchase. Your financial participation will help us to buy food (mostly hay and a made up drought food called Survival ratione for our hippos.  We are hoping that this soon will be a thing of the past as we have been feeding them for 5 months, due to a localised drought.  With the New Year the grass should be long enough not to feed them anymore.  We will keep you in our mailing list and you will be constantly updated on the life of the Trust. Become our friend on FaceBook to follow our day to day life of passionate commitment to these amazing animals, also visit often our blog on this website. Tell your friends that they could help us by adopting a hippo for a year or they can donate as well. Any single donation is important for these Turgwe Hippos and any of the wildlife that share our lives here with us.


Below, December 2013 and Christmas day pictures taken while our hippos are eating the hay. Grey photos are infrared pictures, taken from our automatic cameras placed at feed places. You can see that animals are tolerant and hippos are sharing the hay with bushpigs.



If you purchased Karen’s book, it will be shipped to the address declared with your PayPal account. If you wish to receive it to another address, please send a mail with this new address using the ‘contact us’ form.


Again, thank you so much,  Love Karen and all the hippos.