Winner of the 2015 Raffle

Winner of the 2015 Raffle

To all those that entered our raffle to win a stay at the Turgwe Hippo Trust between May and end of September 2015 for 2 people, here are photos of the winning ticket and the runner up.  I could not make a video as our server is giving us problems but here are two photos of the winner and the runner up.


To the winner Karen MacKay of the UK we do so hope you will enjoy coming here to meet the hippos.

The runner up wins three years of one hippo adoption.  Well done Karen Croan of the UK as the runner up.

NB for the winner: this does not include air tickets.  Please contact me for details and well done to you both.

Obviously Karen was a lucky name this time!  Edson the game scout drew the winning ticket and Silas my assistant drew the runner-up.


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  1. Late night last night so just opened my emails, delighted to be runner up & though I would have loved to see the hippos I will love to have another adoption to add to my current friend Maxie. Love to all at Turgwe & thanks for the great raffle! Have a great day.
    Karen Croan

    • Hi Karen Croan really amazing how both of you are named Karen just like me and even spelt the same way, us English must stick together:)
      Just email me to let me know which hippo you would like to join Maxie and I will send the first adoption of him or her to you. Well done for being the runner up. Love Karen and all the hippos and of course Maxie

  2. Karen McKay

    Dear Karen,
    I just opened my e mails this morning and couldn’t believe it when I saw that I had one the raffle.
    I rang my sister and got her up and asked her if she wanted to come with me, so we are both really looking forward to meeting all of you and the Hippos next year….What a Christmas Present this is!

    Much love to you all,
    Karen MacKay xx

    • Erica carson

      Enjoy yourselves karen…it is a wonderful place to be….a trip of a lifetime !!!

    • Hi Karen Mackay will be wonderful to introduce you to the hippos as well as your sister. You have my email to give me an idea later of dates that will be best for you between May and end of September. Best time to see the hippos on land is June, July and August. Those are our winter months but still hot during the day but June and July need jerseys at nighttime as our house is open plan and it can be very cold at night. Wait to hear from you and congratulations.

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