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We appreciate your donation at any level.

This will help the Turgwe Hippo Trust to purchase the necessary materials to operate the Trust to keep on saving these wild hippos.  To run the Trust we use a generator for power as we do not have electricity living here in the Zimbabwe bush.  We operate the pump in the river to keep the hippos two emergency pans with water by utilising this generator.  Our Internet and Email communications are run using a satellite dish powered by the generator. We need daily fuel to run the generator and to run the Trust’s vehicles.  We need to employ local people for any extra projects as well as pay the game scouts.

You will be helping us by any donation you can afford.

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Hay arrives at Hippo Haven by truck

Hay arrives at Hippo Haven by truck

JR and the scouts fixing the weir

JR and the scouts fixing the weir

Game scouts employed bt the trust

Game scouts employed by the trust

Anti poaching scouts and their collection of snare for one month

Anti poaching scouts + snares collected in a month

A few actions we recently achieved thanks to your help amongst our normal daily tasks: we fed the hippos with hay, survival ration and horse cubes for five months, we improved the flow of the Turgwe river, and we daily patrol the bush either on our own or accompanying the four game scouts, removing the snares put by poachers.


June 2018

Donate to Friends of Turgwe Hippo (Canada) a registered Canadian Not-For-Profit* formed to Provide Support to and Promote the Interests of the Turgwe Hippo Trust in Zimbabwe.

If you would like to make a donation direct to their bank account in Canada, please let us know and we will provide you with the relevant information. Fill the form contact us with your wishes and we will return the usefull information.

* CRA BIN  752855312RC0001 for more information please contact info[at]

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