Helping the Trust


Help the Trust

You can help the Trust to save the Hippos, what are the different ways ?


  • Adopting a hippo for a year or more.  This income is the  main “bread and butter” to run the Turgwe Hippo Trust.  Helping to pay the rangers their monthly salary as well as Silas, Karen Paolillo’s  assistant,
  • Donating to the Trust will help us to buy necessary equipment for working in the river and maintaining the hippos pools.  Or for any ongoing project at that time,
  • By participating as a paying volunteer, in the day to day schedule you will be actively helping in the conservation you will be actively and protection of these hippos and other animals in the area. Your donation for volunteering will be 100% utilised in the conservation and protection of these hippos and other animals,
  • Self initiated fund raising for the Turgwe Hippo Trust,
  • School projects, talks at Universities, any ideas that can help to protect these hippos. Why not organise a  Fun Run for the Turgwe Hippos ?
  • Or any initiative from your own ideas  that can help us to help these hippos,
  • Volunteer with us, 
  • Your donation helps us to carry out projects for these hippos.