Bob’s son !



Tembia is probably the most important hippo to me as he is the son of Bob. Bob represents the Trust as our hippo logo and was the first hippo who I had the most remarkable relationship with. Tembia was conceived during the horrendous drought of 1991/92. His mother was Lace and he was born on June 16th 1993. He lived with Lace at Hippo Haven until he was at least five years of age and then she left the family with him and moved to another pool 18kms away. There she lived with Robin the bull and later when Bob was killed Tembia came back into this area. He is now the dominant bull at the Majekwe weir, 5kms upstream from Hippo Haven. I have followed his life since the day he was born and he now has a family of his own. Normally most males have to leave the area, so it is very fortunate that Bob’s son is still part of the Turgwe Hippos In many ways his character is just like Bob’s.

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