2021 Calendars are available for ordering

2021 Calendars are available for ordering


This year, Turgwe Hippo Trust proposes 2 calendars : the usual Hippo’s calendar and the brand new wildlife’s calendar. They are ready for shipment. So hurry to order them. Same price as last year.


Traditional Hippo’s calendar

2021 Hippo’s calendar – cover


2021 Hippo’s calendar – back

Featuring: Max, Kai, Tembia, Kuchek, Humpty, Cheeky, Eliza, Laura, Steve, Picot, Relief, BonBon, Harvey, Odile and Grace

New Wildlife’s calendar

2021 Wildlife’s calendar – cover


2021 Wildlife’s calendar – back

17 pounds posting in UK only, 30 euro posting to Europe and US$35 posting to USA and rest of the world.


Your choice : Hippo’s or Wildlife’s Calendar

Your choice : Hippo’s or Wildlife’s Calendar

Your choice : Hippo’s or Wildlife’s Calendar

All donations are received by Friends of Turgwe Hippo (Canada) a registered Canadian Non Profit Corporation whose purpose is to provide support to and promote the interest of the Turgwe Hippo Trust in Zimbabwe. Funds you donate are used exclusively to benefit the Trust in Zimbabwe.

We will ship your order to you as soon as possible.

Love, Karen and the hippos.
All photos by Karen Paolillo, Turgwe Hippo Trust.

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  1. Aradia H Farmer

    So happy to be able to get a hippo calendar for the second year running!

  2. Barbara Wright

    Hi Karen,
    I would like 4 calendars – do I have to buy each to be sent separately as the site does not seem to allow multiples?These are for posting to the same address in Australia. Also: with regard to the adoption – how long does this take to happen as I would like to arrange this for other parties but will need to put their emails and do not wish them to have this before Christmas!

    • Hi Barbara you can pay the US$amount of 140 and then four will be sent to Australia. Re the adoption you just put on the message part of the form when you want the adoption to be emailed ie 24 or 25th Dec. You put name of adoptee and hippo to adopt and your own email address but put the adoptee email for later correspondance. Then you pay the adoption fee. I hope that helps

  3. Shana DuBois

    I just ordered a calendar- I would like the hippo version!

    • Dear Shana we cannot find payment for you please can you contact again and let us know which name you paid in as perhaps it came under another name. Kind regards Karen

  4. Linda Walsh

    Hi Karen
    I just ordered a 2021 calendar but I couldn’t specify that I want the hippo calendar so sending you a message.

    Linda Walsh

  5. Jan it has been sent to you thanks so much Love Karen and all the hippos

  6. Steve Hendy

    Hi. Just ordered a calendar but
    Couldnt see where to say which one.
    I would like a hippo calendar.

  7. Sharron Gill

    keep up the amazing work.

  8. Jan-Eric Giesecke

    Hippo Calendar

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