Lion Roaring December 2016

Lion Roaring December 2016

Karen finds a lion roaring close to home and goes in search of him.

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  1. Susan Monteiro

    What a fantastic sound! (like you said I hope his mate is ok.) Really brings an exotic burst to a wet and chilly London. Hopefully my normal terrible dancing will help with the rain! 😉
    Merry Christmas to you all! xx

  2. Nita kent

    wow I have never heard a lion roaring so continuously. I wish we could ‘speak’ with them to find out. Love the bird noises and cicadas in the background…makes it real in a way that still images miss. We have cicadas in Australia and they have begun their warmer weather singing (here in Sydney anyway). Happy Christmas to you and hope you get good rain and a rest.

    • Hi Nita not sure why he called so much a friend and expert on lion told me the same it is weird. I have to hope it is not a negative thing. When he saw us he was a real lion and he was near to a charge at Jean-Roger who was too low as he was in a crouched position, which you should not do with a lion. We backed out and all was well. I think and hope he was just looking his friend and I hope his friend is OK. With sport hunters in the area one always fears for every animal you meet and love. I love them all from mouse to elephant. There is now a leopard calling right below the house as I type. It is bed time so must sleep now. Anyone who feels like rain dancing to bring on the rain please do. So far nothing. Love Karen and the hippos

  3. Olivia Nilsson

    WOW – that was awesome! Is it mating season yet? Could that explain the prolonged roaring? Loved the chirping birds and even the sigadas… all great ‘wild’ sounds. Hope you have a very damp Christmas, with joy and success in the New Year.

    • Tonight Olivia there is thunder and today has been overcast at times so we hold everything crossed that soon it will rain. I have so many animals feeding and they need their own natural food. Looks like I may have to continue to the New Year but I hope not as the hay has stopped now. I have enough for about three weeks, if I am careful. Love Karen and the hippos

  4. Steve Gordon

    Is that natural? Why would he roar continuously?

    • Steve we also found it very strange. He roared in the morning up until around and then very weird again at 12pm. There is no smell of decay in that area so do not think there is a kill. No evidence track wise of other lion. So I think he lost his mate maybe another male as often they move together. I just hope he will find either his mate or his pride. It is unusual but he was in good health apart from a bit thin. His roar was unreal standing that close to him and hearing it. Love Karen and the hippos

  5. Hi Helen same to you and to everyone a Very Merry Christmas I hope to do a blog just before Christmas with hopeful good news of rains. So far none so am still feeding and will be feeding at Christmas at this rate. Love and hugs Karen and the hippos xxx

  6. Helen Capps

    Thank you for sharing Karen – I hope you and Jean have a wonderful Christmas as well as all the scouts and other Hippo supporters out there – Love Helen (mum to Banky and George) xxx

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