Rare Albino Waterbuck Calf April 2017 #Turgwehippotrust

Rare Albino Waterbuck Calf April 2017 #Turgwehippotrust

A rare albino Waterbuck calf I came across her at nearly dark and have called her Ghost. I managed to get really close to her to take the photos and in all my life here I have never seen such a pretty animal. I do so hope she survives predators, the sun, and poachers.

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  1. Susan Monteiro

    What an amazing sight! I do hope it gets to live a long, happy and healthy life. Thanks for sharing Karen.

    • Susan glad you liked it I have not been able to get anymore photos or videos so I aws very lucky to get that that day. Love Karen

  2. Lona Goudswaard

    A rare beauty indeed. You were so lucky to spot it, Karen, as mum obviously took great care to keep it hidden well. I hope it learns to keep to the shadows as much as possible so it won’t stand out and is an easy target for predators, but also to keep it out of the harmful rays of the sun. But poachers of course love it for its special color; it’s skin will bring in some extra dollars, I’m sure. Let’s hope it’ll be in your sights many more times in the future, Karen, so we’ll know it’s still with you.

  3. What a unique siting! I think she is beautiful. I do worry that uniqueness may cause some issues. Can we get Ghost a fashionable camo outfit? Or make friends and keep her close?

    • Linda as we live in a wild area the animals have to take their chances but her mum is a regular around our home so I will keep watch out for Ghost. Yes her chances could be high but others have seen adult albinos so she might be OK. Same token when I googled about albinos it did say in one article that a lot of predators will not touch her as they won’t know what she is, she does not look like their normal pray colour wise? so maybe that also could come into play. I hold everything crossed for her she is just so pretty and adorable. Love Karen and the hippos

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