Surprise Hippo July 2016

Surprise Hippo July 2016

Karen Paolillo has studied the Turgwe Hippos for over twenty years and she knows them all individually but even Karen can get a surprise sometimes and this time the appropriate surprise came from Surprise hippo. She was just wanting her food and it was taking too long to get it.

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  1. Ruthie Ezell

    I love seeing my adopted girl Surprise enjoying her meal!! She looks very healthy to my untrained eyes.

    • Ruthie she is looking so much better than she did two months ago all thanks to the food that we are giving her thanks to donations. I have to keep feeding though until December. Love Karen and the hippos

  2. Susan Monteiro

    She is definitely living up to her name! Great video, thanks.

  3. Teresa

    Well Surprise is certainly feeling her oats! 🙂 That’s lovely footage actually. xoxo

    • Hi Teresa they are all getting lively as been feeding at the stations now for over 8 months and so two have come on heat and all are frisky which is very good. I just have to do an appeal now for help as the money has run out and have to keep going until Dec Love Karen and the hippos xx

  4. Helen Capps

    Good job you can all move so quick! She wanted her dinner NOW!

    • You are so right Helen and tonight (she now thankfully is back at home) she and 3 others were waiting for their dinner as they get hungrier and hungrier now, so we have to watch our step. Love her to bits though Love Karen and all the hippos

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