Thank you to supporters November 2016

Thank you to supporters November 2016

Karen has filmed some of the hippos & other animals such as zebra, wildebeest, warthogs & buffalo that have benefitted from her supporters help. She gives a big thank you on their behalf.

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  1. Esther

    Sitting at my desk in southern Canada, with several inches of snow on the ground outside – and watching Karen’s wonderful video, with her comments on how important the feeding program has been for the hippos and all the many other animals who have benefited.
    THANK YOU Karen. For letting us know of the need for feeding, and not letting us forget, and for going out day by day, to feed the magnificent animals. I smiled a lot as I saw and listened to you most recent video.

  2. Susan Monteiro

    Great to see all the hippos keeping cool in the water (what an amazing yawn and impressive teeth!)
    Thanks for all your tireless work Karen!

    • Thank you Susan it keeps you fit. I started running at the beginning of the drought best move I ever made. Has given me the strength to do this day in day out for over a year now. Love Karen and the hippos but we need rain now. xx

  3. Thanks for sharing your videos.. It’s great to see the hippos and an other animals that you have been saving.
    Thank your for all of your efforts!! Blessings to you for all things good

  4. Nita kent

    How fantastic they look. Well done. What a mammoth effort and fabulous results. Please rains come very soon so Karen and all can have a rest and all the animals can feed.

    • Nita I too hope with all my heart the rains will come soon that carpet of greenary in the video is dying as its been so hot and no more rain. We need rain in next few days for it to survive. Love Karen and the hippos x

  5. Steve Gordon

    They all look wonderful. You have saved so many lives.

  6. Nancy Watkins

    Great work feeding those animals. They all look in good shape. Thanks again, Karen, for all your hard work keeping these animals alive until the rains come. It is good to see the first fuzz of new green grass starting to grow again! Keep up the good work. Nancy Watkins

  7. Mick Burns

    Great to see the hippos looking so healthy.

    • Mick they look really good considering the drought we have been having. Still not enough rain to give them grass but I hold everything crossed that it is coming and soon. Love to you, Jill and Sam Karen and the hippos xx

    • Hi Mick yes they do look great thanks to all the hippos supporters donating to feed them or adopting a hippo. Love Karen and the hippos xxx

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