Winny in mud April 2018

Winny in mud April 2018

Winny Warthog having a mud bath with the baboons and a bucket of water.

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  1. Loretta Lehman

    Lovely self-serve mud bath!!! Winnie is a charmer.

  2. Rowena Spacey

    Simply gorgeous!

    • Rowena she is as are her entire family, the two males older son William and younger son Wombat. Love and hugs to you Karen and the hippos

  3. Christine Stewart

    So clever of her to use just the right amount of water, instead of knocking the whole bucket over- she must have an engineering degree (LOL!)

    • they astound me Christine with their intelligence. They really are totally switched on. All are completely wild and now Winny and young Wombat allow Jean or I to scratch their noses at the back door. Just too lovely

  4. Lona Goudswaard

    Wonderful to see smart Winnie using her tusks to pull the bucket along. Thank you for this very enjoyable video, Karen.

    • pleasure Lona at this moment what little lawn we had is daily being eaten or dug up but it is worth it to live with 3 Warthogs 🙂

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