A Hippo Love Story – The Book

Published : 6 May, 2014

May 7th, 2014, A Hippo Love Story, book written by Karen Paolillo is published.


You can order it from this web and get a personal dedication.

Read this awesome story.


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  1. Callum Evans

    To Karen Paolillo
    I have just finished reading your book and It was an truly inspiration story. I really think that what you and your husband did for the hippos and indeed all of the animals in the Turgwe area was incredible. I loved reading about the parts when you described the sheer beauty of the area, the elephants, the kudus and baboons, the fishing owls and the wild dogs. And of course the hippos. It was sickening reading about the hunters and poachers, and saddening when bob and other creatures died.
    Your book and the experiences you shared with the hippos have changed my view about these creatures forever. But they have always been a special part of Africa for me. One of my most cherished memories was on an iMfolozi wilderness trail when we spent our last afternoon and night on rocks a metre above a pool bursting with life, among them three hippos who gave us a yawning display at dusk.

    Reading books like this helps to remind me why we need nature and why we must have hope in the face of today’s environmental crisis. Thank you for opening my eyes to a new side of Africa.

    Yours sincerely

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Callum I really appreciate your words on my book and I thank you for taking the time to write. Would it be cheeky to ask you to comment on Amazon where it is sold as an e-book, as the more reviews the better chance of people hearing about it. I am also so pleased that my words have changed how you think of hippos that is great to know. I thank you from my heart for your kindness Love Karen and all the hippos

  2. Mel Curlee

    Like Judy Pizarro I also live in the USA and only the Kindle version is available here. I looked up Kalahari.com and they do have but only in paperback. Please do you have it in hardcover and where can I buy it from? Do you still live in Zim?

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Mel

      sorry I only just now saw your comment. My book is available as a trade paperback but not as a hard cover. You can buy it on kalahari.com or at this web site signed, or through Penguin publishers in Australia or booktopia.
      Love Karen and the hippos

  3. Terry Hawes

    Hi Karen,
    Thank you for sending my copy of ‘A Hippo Love Story’ and very kindly messaging and signing it for me. So far, myself and my daughter Rebecca have read it and we both agree how incredible, the book is and what an amazing life you and Jean Roger have had in Zimbabwe.
    This is the first book I’ve ever read where I actually know the author and it’s like hearing you narrate it!
    I won’t be so bold as to write a review, but having read what Authors of other similar books have written about it I have to say I thoroughly agree with them. I hope you sell a million copies, you deserve it.
    I’d love to meet you again if you come back to the UK!
    Bye for now,

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Terry I am so chuffed that both you and your daughter Rebecca have loved my book it means so much to me. Certainly this life is one long way away from the UK upbringing that I had and yet it has some tremendous rewards. I too hope it sells a lot as all profits go back into keeping these hippos and other animals safe. Thanks Terry for what you said I really appreciate it.
      Love Karen and all the hippos

  4. Margaret

    Dear Karen

    I have just finished reading your ‘Hippo Love Story” and have to say that I admire your perseverance, firstly through the drought but definitely with the war veterans and the poaching. As much as I love the bush and animals I would have put my tail between my legs and fled with the first sight of seeing the land invaders. That must have been pretty scary!

    Thank you so much for sharing all your experiences with us. I will now pass my book onto my children to read as I know they will enjoy it just as much as I have.

    Kind regards

    • karen paolillo

      Margaret I am so pleased that you will pass my book to your children to read that is wonderful. Yes the bad years were very hard to handle and the only way I kept going was because it was for the animals, and thankfully I had Jean-Roger by my side. At times it would have been so much easier to have gone but then the animals would have died and I could not have lived with that. Love Karen and the hippos

  5. judy pizarro

    I’m trying to order your Hippo Love Story book; I live in the USA and upon putting my info in on your order site; it says postal code is not recognized-basically order at your own risk, plus amount is not in dollars so can’t tell price of book; is there any other way to order this book if someone lives in the USA that is easier? How come Amazon only sells a Kindle version and not an actual book????? Would really like to order the book but not taking a chance when I can’t tell the price or zip code not recognized. Thanks for any comments

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Judy Pizarro I have had a lot of orders from the USA and all have arrived safely. I think that that must be just a glitch on the site I would suggest you try again. When payment is made my web master receives notification and he then sends to me in Zimbabwe the details of payment and the postal address. There have been no complaints so I am sure it will be ok. At the moment Penguin SA have sold the rights to the e-book to USA but not yet the hard copy I am not sure when that will happen but hopefully in the near future. We do not have a postal code here in the bush by the way. Price wise from this site a book signed is US$42 as postage from Africa is not cheap. The only other way to order at this moment a hard copy is to buy it on http://www.kalahari.com which is slightly cheaper but you must mention to them to write book on the package. In Uk they have been charged VAT for not having book written on the package. I hope this will help you to order my book. You will find reviews on the readers comments here and many of those are people from the USA. They all received their book safely. Best regards Karen Paolillo


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