Ant Fynn’s Donation to the Trust

Published : 14 Mar, 2019

Ant Fynn  an internationally renowned artist from Zimbabwe, who I believe captures the spirit and likeness of an African animal in its habitat like no other Zimbabwean artist, has given me the greatest of honours in donating to me personally this amazing oil of Kuchek and his family.  What touches me deeply is that our departed Surprise and her missing young baby son Shama are in the painting, as is George who has recently been chased out of the family.


Ant’s talent as  a wildlife in habitat artist, and his love of every living thing and commitment to the protection and conservation of the Zimbabwean wildlife  is an example to all.  If any of our family of  hippo supporters would like to work with Ant for a painting of either their own adopted  hippo or wildlife in general then please go to Ant Fynn’s site  and contact him mentioning that you are  a supporter of the Turgwe Hippo Trust.

Love to you all Karen and the hippos xxx

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  1. karen paolillo

    Hi Rob he certainly does capture them as they are he is brilliant xx K


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