Hippo Calves and Steve the Hippo August 2020

Eliza and Cheeky lying down july 2020

Published : 18 Aug, 2020

Hippo calves at Turgwe Hippo Trust Zimbabwe. New calves born in 2020 and of course a small view of Steve the house hippo with Karen Paolillo.

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  1. karen paolillo

    thank you Rose and have a lovely week Love Karen and the hippos xxx

  2. Susan Monteiro

    Great seeing all the calves. Such a pick-me-up! Thanks Karen.

    • karen paolillo

      pleasure Susan love Karen and the hippos xx

  3. Rose Metcalfe

    Ohhhhh Karen…That Steve is one SPECIAL Boy for sure I remember when his Mom Surprise cane up to your house to have some flowers just outside of your front door!
    LL! Thank you for sharing! ❌❌⭕️⭕️

    • karen paolillo

      Rosie Steve’s mum is Relief but Surprise did once visit the house 🙂 xx

      • Rose Metcalfe

        Oh dear…just saw this reply.. I got the “Mum’s“ confused. I’m getting caught up on all the videos and comments that I somehow missed . Happy Birthday to you Karen!

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