New Baby Hippo Naming Draw – May 2020

Published : 8 May, 2020

Please enter the draw below so that you have a chance to win and name the new baby hippo.

Send us a male and a female name  and once we know the sex of the baby we will choose the name from the winning ticket.

Your donation for this draw helps the Turgwe Hippo Trust to continue to protect these amazing animals.

The calves mother is called Relief and the father Kuchek.  Relief has had two other calves both males Darrow and Steve.



The draw will be at the end of May and I will make a video and send to all those that entered so you can see who won.

Love to you Karen and the hippos


For only GPB80 or 92 Euros or US$100, you have a chance to win and be the person to name this new baby hippo.

So click on the button you prefer and add birthnames (male + female).

Donate with GBP

Birthnames you choose

Donate with EURO

Birthnames you choose

Donate with USD

Birthnames you choose

Once last thing !

To be safe, once you are back from PayPal, please send us an email (through Contact Us) to confirm your birthnames (male and female) you chose.

All donations are received by Friends of Turgwe Hippo (Canada) a registered Canadian Non Profit Corporation whose purpose is to provide support to and promote the interest of the Turgwe Hippo Trust in Zimbabwe. Funds you donate are used exclusively to benefit the Trust in Zimbabwe.

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  1. Talie

    Geza is the Zulu word for Bathe, which this little one appears to love, as do all hippos. And Geza is a lovely name for Male or female.


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