Nov. 2011 – Heron chicks, baby monkeys, Kudo and hippo family

Published : 15 Nov, 2011

Karen shows us a Green-backed Heron nest with chicks, Vervet monkeys with babies playing.
Also some Kudu and the Mystery hippo family.

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  1. Biz

    Maxine is my adopted hippo. How is she?

    • Karen Paolillo

      Biz like with all of the Turgwe Hippos since the Turgwe has been in flood I have hardly seen them. This is normal as they cannot stay in their usual pools as the river is too high. I have just now seen Kuchek who came back to the one pool but has gone off again yesterday. I last saw Maxie on January 21st we have seen their tracks but they are in smaller rivers adjacent to the Turgwe that only have water when the Turgwe is in flood. It is impossible to cross the Turgwe at the moment. This is not unusual as it happens every year when we have a river in flood. I am sure Maxie is well and hopefully soon the river will be quiet enough for them to come home. Three of the hippos are at the Drift at present the usual three that live there. Mystery, Chubby and baby Monty. Love Karen and the hippos


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