Reader Digest Highlights Karen’s Book

Published : 23 Sep, 2016

Karen Paolillo’s book  “A HIPPO LOVE STORY” published by Penguin South Africa has been condensed by Readers Digest Australia.

Have a look at the illustrious company, it shares the front cover with !

Nice for the hippos to be alongside the future King of England quite fitting really.




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  1. Lona Goudswaard

    It’s not all that certain that Charles will be the next king; Elizabeth may decide to skip him in favor of her grandson after all. You, Karen, are without a doubt the queen of hippos, so I think you should have featured above prince Charles. 😉

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Lona whatever the case re British Royalty, what matters is that the hippos got this wonderful publicity. Love and thanks Karen and the hippos x

  2. Rob Wallace

    Great stuff Karen. You and Charles both have great staying power. Except you don’t have to wait for your title, it came to you. The Queen of the Hippos does have a nice ring to it!

    • karen paolillo

      Thank you Rob I never knew I would make it to being Royal 🙂 seriously though it is nice to have such great advertising as maybe just maybe people that want to read one of the other books will read A HIPPO LOVE STORY I hope all is great in your life and that Australia is treating you well and the family. Love Karen and all the hippos xx


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