Special Donation for A Stay at Hippo Haven

Published : 26 Oct, 2015

Your endless generosity deserves to be rewarded, donate now and win a stay for two at Turgwe Hippo Trust.

For a donation of US$100, 65GBP or 90Euro, two people will be able to stay at Turgwe Hippo Trust for ten nights between May and September 2016 (This does not include air tickets) with this special donation event.

By donating now you stand a chance of being the lucky couple. The winner will be notified at the end of November by email.

Love Karen and all the hippos.


Beautiful Sunset Close to Hippo Haven


A Lovely Warthog !

Kuchek and his family he is on left

Kuchek and his family, he is on left

elephants near to Turgwe Hipo Trust

Herd of elephants near to Turgwe Hippo Trust

dave and sarah chilvers at THT

Dave and Sarah at THT

Darrow BonBon and croc

Darrow BonBon and their friend croc

cheeky hippo

Cheeky hippo


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