Urgent Need for Help : Severe Drought

Published : 4 Feb, 2016

Dear Friends

We are in a state of emergency as our rains appear to have failed. Normally our rains begin middle of November and finish by late April. To date we have only had six days where we had rain with a total of just over 5 inches (125mm).

We need your help, any help. You, as a hippo supporter, as a compassionate animal lover, may think that you cannot make a difference when such a huge amount is required. BUT YOU CAN. It takes but one snow fall on a mountain to start an avalanche. The power of 1 has changed so much in all of our lives.

Please contribute now to SAVE THE HIPPOS.

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Urgent-drought-Page 2

Urgent-drought-Page 3

Urgent-drought-Page 4

Urgent-drought-Page 5

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