Win a Second Chance of a Piece of Patrick Mavros Amazing Work.

Published : 8 Mar, 2017

Patrick Mavros luxury jewellery and sculptures are purchased by Royalty as well as anyone with a love of beautiful animal work.  Patrick is a great friend to the Turgwe Hippo Trust. He is a Zimbabwean silversmith.

Patrick is helping towards the sponsorship of this trip by donating some exquisite pieces.

The second three pieces (shown below)  will be entered in a draw held at Hippo Haven in Zimbabwe on 3rd April, for the minimal amount of 20 pounds, US$25  or 25 Euro per participation. Go to donation link to participate the draw with the 20£, US$ 25 or 25 € minimum amount. Of course you can donate more than once if you would like to.  Any donation entered here between now and 3rd April will enter the draw.

I will notify the winner and two runners up on 3rd April by email with a small video.

Reminder :

I  am coming to the UK for a hippo talk and photo presentation at the Royal Geographic Society in London, at the Ondaatje theatre on November 21st of this year.

I am very lucky to have the beautiful Jill Robinson of Animals Asia  introducing me and there will be amazing art works by Suzie Marsh and Richard Simmonds for sale as well as my book A HIPPO LOVE STORY.

I last spoke there in 2007.  It is time that I return, as a lot has happened to the hippos since then.

I will send updates about the talk later this year.

Love Karen and the hippos


Love Karen and the hippos

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    Does an adoption qualifies for the draw the same way as a donation ?

    • karen paolillo

      hI GOFFINET no sorry an adoption is to adopt a hippo. You have to donate the amount for the draw and on the pp receipt state it is for the draw. The draw is tomorrow 3rd april at lunchtime, 12pm Zimbabwe time. x Karen and the hippos


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