Winny and babies Nov 2018

Winny and babies

Published : 24 Nov, 2018

Winny who is a wild warthog and comes here with her two older sons William and Wombat pitched up 2 days ago with her new babies, four little ones, three male and a female they are gorgeous. She brought them to show us and then took them back to her hole in the ground. She then came back to us for food for the day and then returned to her babies. t’s such an honor to have a wild warthog bring her babies to show us.

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  1. Lona Goudswaard

    Those four little warthogs are so cute. Fortunately Winny is a very good mother, keeping an eye on them. so there’s hope that some will make it into adulthood. But as you say, Karen, everything goes for warthogs, including poachers, so she’ll have a difficult job ahead.

    You must be chuffed that she brought them along for you to see when still so little. All your hard work pays off on a day like this, doesn’t it?

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Lona yes it makes it very special especially when I am very worried at this moment about Joe baboon so she cheered us up. We saw them again yesterday but she is clever she comes for food then she goes and takes them out of their hole and stays with them most of the day but has not brought them back again. They are too little to be with all the baboons at this moment and she knows it xx


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