Animal Fun April 2015

Animal Fun April 2015

Karen Paolillo filmed Squiggle the Slender Mongoose playing with Jean-Roger. Vixen a wild baboon allows Karen to groom her.

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  1. Lona Goudswaard

    What a lovely video. Squiggles reminds me very much of the cats that own me. When they were young and I played with them, one or two of them would get overexcited after a while and forgot is was play. Out came the nails and teeth and I often had to stop when they started to draw blood, much like Squiggles. But she’s so cute, she gets away with it, doesn’t she.
    Vixen on the other hand is so mellow, a real mom. It’s obvious you’ve earned her trust.

    • Lona thank you for your comment on Amazon as well which is so appreciated. Vixen is not as mellow as she looks when she manages to get into the house she pinches anything edible but these days Squiggle believes it is her house and will chase a full grown male baboons if he gets in the house! Jean handles the bites from Squiggle but they hurt! he like me cannot stop laughing when she has one of her mad turns! Love Karen and the hippos

  2. Susan Monteiro

    What a funny video! Squiggles is such a cheeky character. Vixen seems very caring. It was touching to see the trust she has in you. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Susan yes it is funny and even more so as it happens a lot ie Squiggle attacking Jean, she just gets this look and then bang! but he loves her so he puts up with it. Vixen is special and she knows it. Love Karen and all the animals x

  3. Nancy Watkins

    What fun! That was so cute!! Just loved it. Fun to see a different side of the animals in your life!! Thanks much for sharing!!

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Nancy yes I think it is nice to see the animals as they are in the bush and also the ones that live with us. Like the baboons and monkeys outside the house and Squiggle and the pussycats in side. It just is nice to share with everyone. Love Karen and the hippos

  4. Olivia Nilsson

    Just loved the fun video! Thank you for sharing it with us!!!

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Olivia makes me laugh every time I watch it and I see it live practically every day. Jean will have little scars for life but he really does not mind! Love Karen and the hippos

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