Baboons Having Fun April 2016

Baboons Having Fun April 2016

Chacma Baboons playing.

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  1. Susan

    What a fun film and a bunch of cheeky guys! Pleasure to watch and made my tough day a whole lot better. Thanks as always Karen.

  2. Nancy Watkins

    Hey, are they having a good time or what? Such fun to watch. Never-ending source of entertainment. Great video as per usual, Karen. Thanks for sharing.

    • Nancy you are so right they are amazing to watch and I have to stop myself or I do not get any work done, they are always up to something. Today one juvenile did not want the garden to be watered. He kept pulling the hosepipe off the tap so he could drink from the tap. I must have put it back on twenty times and in the end he won and I went and got my camera and filmed him doing it! 🙂 Love Karen and the hippos

  3. Ruthie Ezell

    Love to watch the baboons entertain themselves. They fascinate me. We humans are most definitely not the only intelligent beings on this earth.

  4. Lona Goudswaard

    We probably love to watch the capers of baboons so much because they’re so much like a mischievous version of ourselves. Never a dull moment with them around, but with 50 of them your outdoor furniture must suffer a lot, Karen 😉

    Thanks for the delightful video.

    • Lona you are not wrong plus between Silas the guy that helps me here and myself we do a lot of cleaning up after them 🙁 but there again if you had 50 odd dogs you would have the same problem. Thing is this was their land before we built our home here so in my eyes they have as much right to this space as we have in fact they have more. So furniture suffers and the area has a baboon type aroma to it at times!! but it is wonderful to have this relationship with so many wild animals and learn so much.

  5. Donna Fahrni

    Delightful video Karen, I love them!

  6. Lynette Johnson

    Loved the video, Karen! They seem to be fascinated by empty bottles of all kinds and can play with them for hours.

    • Lynette I never knew this that they loved bottles but now I do! I have had vervet monkeys raiding the rubbish pit for heinz baked bean tins but then that is for the juices in the tin I would think. These bottles have had nothing in them for years I was chucking them out but the baboons thought better of it. The bottles are coming back in the house as I have had comments on fb and emails how nice they are, so guess what they don’t get chucked!! Thanks baboons for this 🙂 love K

  7. Steve Gordon

    The Baboons are incredibly curious and you can spend hours watching them play, or watching them watching you. I can attest to the noise, since they unfailingly wake the inhabitants of the the guest hut by jumping on the tin roof early every morning. These guys are wild in every way and Karen and Jean have a very special relationship with them. They are considered vermin in much of Africa but are safe and protected at hippo haven.

    • Steve you and Margaret got them in full throttle if I remember on your roof, can depend on the time of the year how noisy and playful they are. They are though wonderful to watch. A lot of people that go to National Parks find the antics of the baboons as good or if not better than the larger animals. All animals have beauty though as you know. Love Karen and the hippos x

  8. Johanna Forsten

    Just love them! Baboons are so funny to watch. Never a dull moment with them around. So cute playing with the bättre and the doormat 🙂 / Love Johanna

    • Thanks Johanna I am so happy you enjoyed the video but then you have met them all in person which makes it even more special. Love to you Karen and the hippos xx

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