Beautiful animals at Turgwe Hippo Trust March 2015

Beautiful animals at Turgwe Hippo Trust March 2015

Karen Paolillo has filmed a diverse range of animals living around Hippo Haven, including some very relaxed baboons and a pack of painted wild dogs. Also warthog, zebra, waterbuck, puff adder, leopard tortoise, white fronted plover and of course hippos.

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  1. Kevin Cichetti

    Karen: I very much enjoy the videos — as much as we love the deer, groundhogs, fox, and rabbits that grace our backyard you certainly have quite the exotic and diverse animal family. These videos are great to remind people that as much as we all love the hippos, there are so many other animals who thrive at the Trust! And I must admit, the wild dogs always make me laugh because from a distance they look like they are wearing Mickey Mouse ears!

  2. Cheryl Hathaway

    Thank you Karen for sharing all of these beautiful animals with us. I just love those chilled baboons and the warthog!

    • Hi Cheryl the next video for this month April is different to my normal ones in that it shows the funny side of living with wild animals. I hope you will enjoy Love Karen and the hippos

  3. Linda Pashley Murray

    Fantastic! Living among such diverse and beautiful animals is a wonder to me.Thank you for sharing.

    ( Hope the malaria episode has subsided. We have tick born Babiosis here and the night sweats and such are said to be similar to malaria- not too pleasant-Be well.)

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Linda malaria is kind of common here and Jean-Roger and I have had it many times over the last two decades. The only good thing about it is you loose weight! but it really hammers your kidneys and back. Anyway I am fully ok again until the next time:) Jean-Roger caugth tick bite fever here a few years ago and that is pretty awful very stiff neck and headaches and a bit of fever but malaria still is the top one for feeling like you are going to die! love Karen and the hippos

  4. Tabitha E Logan

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video Karen! Hope you are feeling better. So grateful for the work you do. I am always delighted to receive updates. Here in Connecticut, I do my best to inform people of the work you do when I have Hipponotic Candle events. Sending lots of love to you, and our animal friends. Blessings.

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Tabitha

      I am hoping that if my book A HIPPO LOVE STORY gets picked up by a USA publisher that I will be over in the USA maybe next year. I would love to give some hippo talks while promoting the book so will let you know if this happens. I thank you so much for your support
      Love Karen and the hippos

      • Tabitha E Logan

        That would be AMAZING! You have a place to stay if you come to CT. Much Love.

      • Karen Paolillo

        Thank you Tabitha that is very kind of you love Karen and the hippos

  5. Christine Stewart

    The baboons relaxing on the cottage roof- so cute. And I love the tiny playful baby hippo at the end of the video.

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Christine the baboons are wonderful when they are quiet but like a bunch of naughty kids when in a playful moment they can be so loud. Usually they wake us up every a.m around dawn by making as much noise as they can running up and down on the cottage roof and our bathroom and kitchen. The rest of the house is thatched so they cannot make as much noise on the thatch. I am hundred percent sure they like it to be as noisy as possible its part of their charm! Baby hippo playing was Darrow and he loves BonBon and Banky and Maxie. Georgie the new one is not yet playing but near to it as he/she is 3 months old now. Love Karen

  6. Olivia Nilsson

    Love your video, Karen! So many different species. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Sorry to know you have had Malaria; hoping you have a complete recovery and no repeat of it! So enjoyed your book – and will be buying another copy to mail to a friend for her birthday. Looking forward to the sequel!!!

  7. Esther

    Thank you Karen. Once again you remind me of what is really important. All the animals you show in the video are wonderful. And yes I too was specially thrilled to see the endangered African wild dogs.
    Thank you so much,

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Esther I try to keep the videos short around 3mins as I know how busy everyone is and its hard sometimes to cut out animals. I find thought he baboons fascinating so cannot help but add a bit more of them and the dogs was an added bonus. I have met them a few times on foot but that afternoon was great as they were so close to me. Love Karen and the hippos x

  8. Symonds

    absolutely stunning, so looking forward to my trip in November (which is such a loooong way off)

  9. Karen, thank you again. I love your videos, love the work you do, and treasure ‘my’adopted hippo. I have been a foster parent for hippo’s for at least 10 years now, and I can recommend fostering to everyone who is even the least interested in animals. Keep it up! I will foster, and foster, and foster 🙂
    Hope the malaria left you.

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Beate I am so pleased you enjoy what I do here.Yes thankfully the malaria has gone and we are working on the pan and also improving the one hippo pool. This year we had half our average rains so later in the season we may have little water and grazing so we are trying now to improve things.

  10. Mick Burns

    Stunning footage. Specially liked the bit with the dogs!

    • Thanks Mick I met the dogs one overcast late afternoon I knew if I spoke they would spook. Then they suddenly saw me standing about twenty meters away. I love the way they barked and then moved on. So awesome to meet them on foot an endangered animal and so beautiful. Love Karen and the hippos x

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