Choose a Hippo to Adopt

Here are some of the Turgwe Hippos which are available for adoption.

Adopting a hippo makes you a very important part of that hippo’s future.

Hope Taylor

Hope Taylor, born late April 2020 mother Picot father unknown.

Hope Taylor is a special female hippo as she is the first calf for Picot. Her first name Hope was won in the name the hippo raffle by Teresa D’Amico of NY NY, USA. A very appropriate choice of name. I was then contacted by a lovely person who told me that her young cousin Taylor had sadly passed away in December 2019 and her favourite animal had been a hippo. In memory of Taylor I asked Teresa if she would mind giving Hope a second name, and she readily agreed. Strangely enough Picot was actually named for very lovely French girl who also loved hippos and had a terminal disease and has since passed. She had her own hippo soft toy Picot and also loved hippos. So Hope Taylor is very special indeed.


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KIA (pronounced KEE)  Born to Odile and probably Tembia as the father,  approximately 21st April 2020.

Kia was named by Cate Broderick from USA  who won the name the baby hippo draw.

Kia’s mum has had 8 calves since 1996 May  when she was born.  5 male and 3 females.

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Kia with mum Odile.


Eliza, young female with her mother Cheeky

ELIZA a female calf born to Cheeky and probably Tembia around the 15 or 16th June 2020.

Eliza was named in memory of the beloved feline companion of Lynne Chitty of the UK.

Eliza pussycat shared Lynne’s life for 19 years and so this little baby hippo, will live on her wild life in memory of the bond between Lynne and her much loved cat.

Cheeky is our oldest hippo here now she was born the year we arrived to live with the hippos. Cheeky was born in November 1990 daughter of Blackface and Happy. Cheeky also plays an important part of my book A HIPPO LOVE STORY. Available on this website.


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Kai a male born between 15 and 18th May 2019. His mother is Tacha and father could be possibly Tembia. Tacha left the other male Kuchek and visited Tembia but then returned to Kuchek so not sure which bull is Kai’s father! Kai is Tacha’s fourth calf, she has had three sons and one daughter.

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Kai with mum Tacha


New calf born around 24th January 2018 (female)

HUMPTY  born around 24th January 2018.  Her  mother is Odile and father Tembia.  She is an absolute gem and just  loves to stand on the rock in the river pool and show off to us and our hippo  volunteers.


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HARVEY a male born to Grace (her first calf) and his father Tembia around early March 2019. Harvey is now the baby of Tembia’s family of 12 hippos, which includes Tembia, who is the son of Bob.

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HARVEY a male born to Grace (her first calf)


Laura (calf)

Born early July 2017, the calf was supposed to be a male and named “Richard”. Mother is Tsakus and he/she lives at the Majekwe weir part of the Turgwe River with Tembia the bull and his family. On June 10th 2018 we discovered that Richard is a girl! He is now called Laura.


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Calf has just be named as Steve: its sex is now known ! He’s born 18 or 19th September. His mother is Relief and father is Kuchek. He lives at the Chlabata pools part of the Turgwe River. A winner gave his birthname, by applying for the special draw organized for him just after his birthday.  Steve becomes our “house hippo” as he comes to the house every night to graze our lawn, and have some cubes at the back door.

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Steve who grew up



Bonbon was born on April 6th, 2011 and is a female and the daughter of Tacha.  BonBon’s birth was filmed and can be found on YouTube Turgwehippomark here on Hippo Tacha gives birth 6th April 2011

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Cheeky was born in November 1990 and was the first calf born after we arrived in  this area.  Her father was a lovely bull called Happy and her mother  was a very special hippo called Blackface. Cheeky has had 9 calves and also gave birth when she was very young at 5 years of age.

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Kucheck dominant bull !

Kuchek is the dominant bull at Hippo Haven. Born in March 2001 to Mystery and Happy. He was named after the first animal I ever bonded with, a Welsh Mountain pony who I called Kuchek, which means “small” in Iranian. He and I have a very special bond like I used to have with Bob who sadly died naturally in 2003.

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Relief born January 2005 features in my book A HIPPO LOVE STORY, her mother is Cheeky and her father was Robin. Unusually she left the family at a very young age and for a while lived with a young male called Bobin. Eventually in January 2013 she returned to Hippo Haven. She had broken one of her lower canine teeth and she was very assertive and at times acted more like a male than a female. In Feb 2014 she had her first calf Darrow a male, who is also the first calf for the bull Kuchek. Relief had her second calf around Sept 18th 2017, its sex is unknown at present.

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Relief (good mother)



Tacha was born in January 2000,  Abe is her mother, Happy was the father.  She has had 4 calves.  She was born the year of the big flood.  A cyclone hit Mozambique and the Turgwe River  had  water rising higher than we have ever seen.  Tacha means flood in Shona, Zimbabwe’s principal African language.

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Tembia is probably the most important hippo to me as he is the son of Bob. Bob represents the Trust as our hippo logo and was the first hippo who I had the most remarkable relationship with.  Tembia was conceived during the horrendous drought of 1991/92.  His mother was Lace and he was born on June 16th 1993. He lived with Lace at Hippo Haven until he was at least five years of age and then she left the family with him and moved  to another pool 18kms away. There she lived with Robin the bull  and later when Bob was killed Tembia came back into this area.  He is now the dominant bull at the Majekwe weir, 5kms upstream from Hippo Haven. I have followed his life since the day he was born and he now has a family of his own. Normally most males have to leave the area, so it is very fortunate that Bob’s son is still part of the Turgwe Hippos  In many ways his character is  just like Bob’s.

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Tsakus, another mother

Tsakus born June 2004 to Abe not sure who was the father! She has had 4 calves, one calf sadly still born then her son Herbert and now Baba another male born May 2015. Her name means “dear one” in Armenian.

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Horatio a male whose mother is Cheeky. He was born approximately late November 2017. He was named in memory of a wonderful lady called Helen Sparks. She sadly passed last year. She was gifted a huge wooden hippo in the UK after she retired early from her job and he was named Horatio. We believe she is happy to know that his name lives on with a live baby hippo.

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Horatio and his mom Cheeky!


George is now a big boy !

George born in December 2014 is the son of Tacha and Kuchek. He was first seen in the river by Mirinda Thorpe on Christmas eve morning which was such a lovely gift for both of us he was at least a week old.

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