Elephant Birthdays Oct 2015

Elephant Birthdays Oct 2015

Jean-Roger and Karen Paolillo celebrate their birthdays with visits to Dowanga Pans, where they encounter a herd of elephants.

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  1. Lovely way to celebrate your birthdays! Seems like he called in his friends to come and join the party! What an amazing life. Many Blessings, Daria

    • Thanks Daria for your blessings. Needed them on Sunday had an adverse reaction I think to a combination of a spider bite on my ear! and too strong tea! too much tanin. I could not breathe and had major pains in my chest but all thankfully gone the next day but I actually thought I was leaving this planet. We were out in the bush having been at a brilliant wedding of our neighbours the day before and were meeting up with them all in the bush. Had to get home quickly where I took to my bed with Squiggle mongoose and my old 22 yr old cat Gama and with Jean-Roger constantly checking I was ok. My ear was three times normal size and hurt like heck. Anyway now Tue all is fine so was an experience I hope not to have again. Love Karen and all the hippos. The spider bit me in my bed not in the bush as often spiders live in our house and some of them are obviously not the best to have next to your bed!! 🙂

  2. Mick Burns

    Lovely to see the wildlife and your two smiling faces!

    • Hi Mick thanks my friend it was great and yes Nature always brings a smile but I must admit I have such a huge love of elephants as well as the hippos. Love Karen and the hippos x

  3. Linda Pashley Murray

    HAPPY BIRTHDAYS KAREN AND JEAN!! And what a gift you got-a big elephant party. Word must have gotten around.Best to both of you.

    • Hi Linda thanks for the birthday greetings, yes it was so amazing to have elephants on both days. I did not think I would be so lucky but I was, so it was a great way to celebrate our special days. Love Karen and the hippos

  4. Lona Goudswaard

    It must have been wonderful to celebrate both your birthdays with elephants joining your little party, Karen 😉

    Very belated congratulations to the both of you!

    It appears more elephants are about the pans these days, hopefully because they are doing well and the herds are growing and not because they are on the run for poachers.


    • Hi Lona it is just easier to see elephants at this time of the year due to it being very dry and hot and they need to drink. There is limited water in the bush so they will come to pans or anywhere with permanent water. Love Karen and the hippos

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