Feb. 2014 – Baboons stranded in a flooded Turgwe

Feb. 2014 – Baboons stranded in a flooded Turgwe

Some  of the resident troop of Chacma baboons that share the Paolillo’s life at Turgwe Hippo Trust are stranded in a tree in the flooded Turgwe River.
Later Kuchek hippo arrives back at the river after 2 weeks of not one single hippo in the area.  The same day excellent news a new baby hippo has been born.  Calf has not yet been seen but the mother will be Dizzy, Kiboko or Relief.  Tracks of the newborn are shown on the video to show how tiny a hippo calf is.


Yoyo in the gazebo in front of the flooded Turgwe river

And the video

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  1. Alan Myers

    Hi Karen

    Really excellent video. Am relieved that the flooding abated quite quickly and that the baboons managed to get down safely. Also, great to see Kuchek and can’t wait to see the new calf.

    • Hi Alan the good news is I think that Kuchek is probably the father of the new calf of Relief’s. I did see him attempting to mate her back in mid May which would work out right for the birth. I thought he had not quite managed it being only just turned 12 years old but now it looks more likely that he is the father. This morning I managed to locate the calf and Relief again and she is with Kuchek, Cheeky and Banky and they have returned to the Chlabata pools just downstream from Hippo Haven. The fact that Relief is allowing Kuchek in close proximity makes me feel this is his first baby, really wonderful.

  2. karen paolillo

    Hi Jackie thanks for the comment most appreciated. We have a raffle every year maybe one year you might win it? x Karen and the hippos

  3. Jackie Thipthorpe

    Great website, Karen, and great video. Wish I was there.

  4. Loving the new website!

    • Hi Mick so glad you like it as now the Trust has moved into the first world or at least it has technically! At this present moment a wild African river the Turgwe is roaring as I type and baboons are roosting in the trees right by the house. Late yesterday afternoon the game scouts nearly walked into a lion on their way back from their patrol, so we are still physically right here in the bush. Yet I am on line with you in real time. Wonderful x Karen and the hippos

  5. What a great video Karen. It’s the next best thing to being there. I was relieved to hear the baboons got back to safety. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Karen Paolillo

      Hi Gypsy yes me too reference the baboons getting back to safety. I have only seen them trapped on trees during the river in flood this year. So in two decades this is a first and they have been stranded twice this year so far. I must say it looks pretty scary when you see the water is so fast and furious but they are not stupid, they stay put in the tree. It just means 24 hours without any food. Mind you they were lucky we did not get more rain and so the water’s went down and allowed them to jump from tree to rocks to the bank.

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