Help the Hippos August 2016

Help the Hippos August 2016

Karen’s efforts to feed the hippos and help them through this current period of serious drought and her appeal for your help.

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  1. I have never seen your brilliant work advertised anywhere until today. If I had, I would have donated sooner. When will your 2017 calendar and cards be in stock? I’m going to buy them. Also I have given a little donation. I wish I could afford more. Thank you for saving these beautiful animals

    • Hello Sam thank you for your compliments and the cards are available now but the 2017 calendar will only be available as from November. I thank you so much for your donation as every single pound, euro or dollar helps to save these amazing animals. Have a great week Love Karen and the hippos

  2. Susan Monteiro

    Great to see so many of the hippos at the same time. They are looking very healthy thanks to you and your team Karen. I hope my small donation helps. Best wishes to you all.

    • Susan your donation does help tremendously if everyone did as you have just done we could feed so many more animals and save a lot more lives. Love Karen and all the hippos and other animals x

  3. Becky Fusco

    Thank you for posting this video, Karen. The hippos are beautiful and looking great thanks to you! Now that I have adopted a hippo (thanks to my husband, Jim), I will be donating when I can to continue to help these gorgeous hippos (and Becky/Becker of course)! I will email you privately soon!

    • Hi Becky it is great to have you as part of the hippos family and for you to have your very own special hippo baby. I still do not know if she is Becky or Becker but will hopefully know soon 🙂 love Karen and all the hippos

  4. Linda Pashley Murray

    Karen,Sorry to hear about your feed/weather troubles. Running out of hay and feed is no joke. Hope my little bit helps.They look pretty good , Be well. (And take care of yourself because with out you and your helpers ….)
    Be well , Linda

    • Hi Linda every dollar and pound adds up and feeds these wonderful animals. Without you and others like you they would not be surviving. Love Karen and all the hippos

  5. Carol Smith

    Having had the privilege to spend 10 days with Karen at Hippo Haven last month, I have seen first hand how vitally important this supplementary feeding programme is for the hippos and other wildlife during this fierce drought. The animals are depending on us, so hope we can all help in whatever way we can to raise the funds for these feeds to continue, and ensure the animals’ survival till the next rains.

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