Hippo Calves and Steve the Hippo August 2020

Hippo Calves and Steve the Hippo August 2020

Hippo calves at Turgwe Hippo Trust Zimbabwe. New calves born in 2020 and of course a small view of Steve the house hippo with Karen Paolillo.

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  1. thank you Rose and have a lovely week Love Karen and the hippos xxx

  2. Susan Monteiro

    Great seeing all the calves. Such a pick-me-up! Thanks Karen.

  3. Rose Metcalfe

    Ohhhhh Karen…That Steve is one SPECIAL Boy for sure I remember when his Mom Surprise cane up to your house to have some flowers just outside of your front door!
    LL! Thank you for sharing! ❌❌⭕️⭕️

    • Rosie Steve’s mum is Relief but Surprise did once visit the house 🙂 xx

      • Rose Metcalfe

        Oh dear…just saw this reply.. I got the “Mum’s“ confused. I’m getting caught up on all the videos and comments that I somehow missed . Happy Birthday to you Karen!

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