Lizzie the Lizard Buzzard Feb 2016

Lizzie the Lizard Buzzard Feb 2016

This video shows a rescued Lizard Buzzard called Lizzie on her road to recovery.

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  1. Susan Monteiro

    I have never seen or heard a Lizard Buzzard before so I was quite excited to watch this video. She is an amazing bird! You have done a fantastic job. Thank you for sharing.

    • Susan she is a real darling, a small Buzzard but very pretty and very intelligent
      Love Karen and all the hippos. She is still coming nearly every day for a bit of food and she calls me to let me know she is near by. 🙂

  2. Fiona Stonehouse

    Awesome! Thanks for all you do Karen and for sharing it with us.

  3. Nancy Watkins

    Wow, that footage is amazing. It is so wonderful that you helped her recover back to good health, then you set her free. It is also amazing that she comes back. Great story!!

    • Hi Nancy thanks she is one of a few birds we have had success with but she is the first raptor. I am amazed at how she still allows me close contact. Love Karen and the hippos

  4. Lona Goudswaard

    What a beautiful little bird Lizzy is. So good to hear you managed to both rescue her AND release her into the wild again, Karen. If everything goes well she’ll be coming in for food less and less, unless perhaps she needs help feeding her young if she finds a mate and the drought continues. I’m sure you’ll miss her when she goes wild completely, but setting them free is indeed the best thing to do for birds.

    Take care of yourself, the people around you and your animals, Karen. Things are not going well in Zimbabwe.

    • Hi Lona yes she Lizzie is amazing she either comes every day or once every couple of days. Twice we have seen her flying with another Lizard Buzzard. I feel so honoured that she allows me into her space even though she is free. We are doing ok here and in many ways Zim is far better off now than it was during the early 2000’s

      Love Karen and the hippos

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