Rock Python June 2016

Rock Python June 2016

A large Rock Python filmed at Hippo Haven.

( If you have snake phobia do not watch this video ).

Filmed and narrated by Karen Paolillo of The Turgwe Hippo Trust, Zimbabwe.

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  1. Susan Monteiro

    Fantastic and unique footage. Thank you!

  2. Fantastic video.

    • Thank you Hilary such a wonderful experience to meet such a large snake twice in the bush in a matter of a week. This time I caught him on video which was a pleasure.

      Love Karen and all the hippos xx

  3. Lona Goudswaard

    What a beautiful snake. Snakes are such underrated animals, aren’t they. Thank you for sharing your magnificent guest with us.

    • So pleased you like him/her as well Lona they are magnificent and such an honour to meet a large python in the wild. Love Karen and the hippos

  4. Jill Jorgensen

    Oh Karen, thanks for that. What a Magnificent Snake! I get so excited when I find one here in the UK I’ve just been watching a Moorhen building a nest, not as exciting but still a bit of wild nature. Love to you, Jean-Roger and all your lovely Creatures x

    • Hi Jill every animal or bird or insect has the ability to open our eyes to such beauty and understanding. If you look with a macro lens at most insects they are really remarkable. Basically we are all surrounded by beauty and all we have to do is step outside of our doors and find it. Love to you Karen and the hippos x

  5. Thank you, Karen! A beautiful creature. And by calling him vulnerable, you once again made me look at an animal from a different angle.

  6. Esther

    The Rock Python is truly beautiful. THANK YOU for highlighting that all animals are so beautiful and so valuable. I too hope he stays very safe.
    As always, THANK YOU for everything, for bringing sunshine into another day.
    My very best,

    • Thank you Esther Sunshine is such a special word thank you for that comment. Have a great week Love Karen and the hippos xx

  7. Susan D

    Yes indeed, what a beauty! God bless him I hope he stays safe.

    • Susan me too, he is so gorgeous but has survived this long to be that large so hopefully will continue to stay alive. Love Karen and the hippos

  8. John Wicks

    What a fantastic experience for you !
    Love John

    • Hi John it certainly was and in fact was the second time I met him or her. In that with Maggie a volunteer we met up with him 3kms away. He is recognisable by the mark like a line behind his head. So he had travelled 3 kmns to be near our home. Love Karen and the hippos

  9. Trop cool, le python !!!!
    On vous aime !
    Dom, Anne et les chiens !

    • Merci we love you both too and of course love the chiens very much BonBon sends her love to you too.

      Karen et les hippos 🙂

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