Rocksie The Baboon March 2016

Rocksie The Baboon March 2016

This is a film about a little baboon with a rather strange behaviour, collecting rocks.

Filmed and narrated by Karen Paolillo of The Turgwe Hippo Trust, Zimbabwe.

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  1. Susan

    Very adorable! Maybe she is honing her maternal skills by adopting the rocks. Great video. Thanks for sharing as always Karen.

    • Thank you Susan she is adorable and maybe you are right she is working on her maternal skills whatever is the reason it is her thing and makes her a very special young baboon. Love Karen and the hippos and all the animals xx

  2. Lona Goudswaard

    Rocksie is so adorable with her little rock collection. Some children have a pet rock too. She looks pretty smart so it may be something to keep her occupied now mom has another baby to look after.

    Thanks for recoding and sharing this delightful behaviour, Karen.

    • Lona it seems that she has attracted the media’s attention so keep a look out she may become quite famous! I think the rocks are her comfort blankets due to the new baby but I may be wrong. Love Karen and the hippos

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