Win a Chance of a Piece of Patrick Mavros Amazing Work.

Win a Chance of a Piece of Patrick Mavros Amazing Work.

Patrick Mavros luxury jewellery and sculptures are purchased by Royalty as well as anyone with a love of beautiful animal work.  Patrick is a great friend to the Turgwe Hippo Trust.  He is a Zimbabwean  silversmith.

I  am coming to the UK for a hippo talk and photo presentation at the Royal Geographic Society in London, at the Ondaatje theatre on November 21st of this year.

Patrick is helping towards the sponsorship of this trip by donating some exquisite pieces.

The first three pieces (shown below) will be entered in a draw held at Hippo Haven in Zimbabwe,  on 3rd February, for the minimal amount of 20 Pounds, US$ 25  or 25 Euro per participation.  Go to donation link to participate the darw with the 20£, US$ 25 or 25 € minimum amount. Of course you can donate more. Any donation from now until 3rd February will enter the draw.

I will notify the winner and two runners up on 3rd February by email.   We will do our upmost best to have the pieces arrive at your postal address in time for Valentines Day but cannot guarantee this, as it will depend on your location.

I am very lucky to have the beautiful Jill Robinson of Animals Asia  introducing me and there will be amazing art works by Suzie Marsh and Richard Simmonds for sale as well as my book A HIPPO LOVE STORY.

I last spoke there in 2007.  It is time that I return, as a lot has happened to the hippos since then.

I will send updates about the talk later this year.







Love Karen and the hippos

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  1. Laura Phillips

    Made my donation just in the nick of time! Thanks for the chance, God Bless, and

  2. Khristina Followell

    Making donation, and fingers crossed our little hippo lover Sarah Beth, will have a new ‘hippo something’ to wear for World hippo day on Feb 15th (we will have to modify the earings though as she doesn’t have any extra holes at this point in life)! She is hoping you are able to catch some glimpses of Cheeky, but thankful to know she is still alive and well. We are also keeping tabs on the newest baby hippo, Fiona, born in the Cincinnati Zoo last week. Needless to say, our 6yr old is crazy for hippos!

    • Hi Khristina so sorry Sarah Beth did not win this time, we have two more draw in April and maybe August. I am so happy she loves hippos as they need all the friends they can get, they do not get the media coverage that elephants do. 🙁 I am hoping Fiona makes it being born premature but they are giving her the best care possible. Love to you all and if we see Cheeky Sarah will be the first to know.
      Karen and all the hippos xxx

  3. Karen MacKay

    Hi Karen,
    Just sent my donation.
    Keep us informed about your talk in November as Sue and I would love to come and we can meet up again. Mike and Barry as well.
    Take care xx

    • We must meet up Karen and meet your respective partners. Will email nearer the date to make a plan and I hope all 4 of you will be at my talk? Love Karen and the hippos xxx

  4. Helen Capps

    How had I missed this! Donation now made and fingers crossed but helping the hippos regardless! XXX

  5. Inge Skliros

    Donation sent Karen. Do keep us apprised of the time of your talk on November 21st so we can make plans to attend. Keeping fingers crossed you will draw my name for one of Patrick’s fabulous pieces to add to my Mavros collection of hippos! 🙂

    • Sorry you did not win one of Patrick’s gorgeous creation. I will though have two more draws one in April and one maybe in August with more of his amazing work. He has been very generous as always. Re my talk everyone will be kept posted re ticket sales and details either on web, fbook, twitter, or by email 🙂 love Karen and the hippos x

  6. Ashley

    Hippos are my absolute favourite animal, i have actually adopted george one of the hippos for a year & would love to have some jewlery to remeber that magical moment by.

    • Ashley I hope you win something and perhaps adopt George again as it is so nice to have hippo supporters stay with the hippos and learn about them as they grow up. George turned two years of age in December but he is still suckling milk, but of course can graze now. Love Karen and the hippos x

  7. Petra Visser

    Hi Karen
    I will be sending money for my adopted hippo George next week, in the meantime keep well

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