A beautiful horse Shandy April 2014

Threebanded courser bird

Published : 9 Apr, 2014

Karen Paolillo takes a couple of days off for the AGM of the Turgwe Hippo Trust in Harare, followed by a forgotten pleasure. Riding the most beautiful horse, Shandy, an Arab palomino. Then a visit to Tiki Hywood Trust to see Lisa Hywood and Ellen, meet Nia the Cape Clawless otter and Bateared foxes. Lisa and Ellen do an amazing job of working with endangered animals as well as injured or confiscated animals. Wherever possible they release them back into the wild. On the return to Turgwe Hippo Trust we meet Valentine the Threebanded courser bird whose release date is for later in the week. Valentine was hit by Jean-Roger at dusk in the pickup but fortunately the wing and leg have healed and he/she can now fly again.

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  1. karen paolillo

    Hi Kathleen the Turgwe Hippo Trust appreciates people like yourself more than any of you will ever really realize. When we have a bad day it is you and people like you that keep us going. Love Karen and the hippos


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