A Hippo Love Story – now available

Hippo Love Story front cover

Published : 2 Apr, 2014

A Hippo Love Story – now available

A preview look at my new book “A Hippo Love Story” to give you all an idea of what to expect.

Her biography on agent’s site :

Karen Paolillo was born in Hertfordshire, UK, but has been living in the African bush for the last two decades. She is the Founder of the Turgwe Hippo Trust in the south east Lowveld of Zimbabwe. She shares her bush home with her French husband, Jean-Roger, six cats and one slender mongoose named Squiggle. Her principal neighbours are the Turgwe Hippos which inspire her passion and dedication. Having watched them daily for the last twenty years, she has become known as “the Lady who talks to Hippos”, or “The River-Horse Whisperer”. Karen’s first book, about life with the hippos, will be published in 2014 by Penguin South Africa.

The release date is May 2014.

 Hippo Love Story front cover

Hippo Love Story back cover

You can order the book on the site, visit the shop

Thank you for buying Karen’s book and happy readings..

or internationally

The book can now be purchased on line Internationally at www.kalahari.com

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  1. Karen Stout

    Can you please tell me if you have mailed out my book. If not, will you let me know when you do.

    Please reply . Have sent 2 other emails to you asking the same, with no reply.

  2. Cary Martin

    This is an extraordinary book. The hardships and struggles that Karen and Jean have gone through make me so aware of the cosseted existence that we enjoy in Europe. Told with remarkable honesty and candour, Karen’s love for, and dedication to, the hippos (and her extended animal family) is a example to us all. Beautifully written, it made me laugh and cry in equal measure. Thank you, Karen, for everythng you have done and for sharing it with us.

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Cary
      I am so touched that you found my story so well written and that it held your fascination and touched your emotions. It means so much to me.

      Love and thanks Karen, Kuchek and all of the Turgwe Hippos xxx


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