A Look Back 2014 at Turgwe Hippo Trust

Published : 31 Dec, 2014

A big thank to Cinda who designed this beautiful look back what happened during 2014. This has been a great year for the hippos with two births.

At the end of Cinda’s document, you will be able to participate to the naming of Tacha’s new baby, just born for christmas. As for Darrow, there will be a draw and the winner will give a name to this new calf.




The full post in pdf format is available here.

Give a name to Tacha’s Christmas baby

As usual, we propose a choice amongst three currencies based on your location.
Select the currency you want to use, by selecting the relevant button.
Once clicked, you will be redirected to PayPal for transaction process.

Whilst on PayPal website, please propose the name you chose for Tacha’s baby.

Stay tuned on the website and FaceBook to know who named the baby.

Many thanks with love.

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  1. karen paolillo

    Hi Martha

    you can choose either sex name and then if its the opposite to what you chose you can choose another name if you win. At the moment the way she is behaving I would say its a female but not 100% sure Love Karen and the hippos

  2. karen paolillo

    Not sure yet the sex of the calf but the way Tacha is behaving could easily be a female. Allowing others closer contact than she would normally do with a male. You can choose whichever sex you prefer and if its the other than rename it if you like. That is if you win 🙂
    Love Karen and the hippos

  3. Martha

    Do you know whether Tacha’s baby is a boy or a girl? If you don’t know, does it matter whether we pick a boy or girl name for the baby for the contest?


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