Holiday Fund Drive

Published : 1 Dec, 2014

Thanks to the works of our volunteer from USA, we have this fancy call for Christmas fund Drive.


HolidayFundDrive-page 2
HolidayFundDrive-page 3

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Karen Hosted at CBS-Evening News

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  1. Joan Lesser

    To raise funds, my suggestion would be to sell T-Shirts with “Save the Hippos” printed on them. These shirts are very popular in the USA. From a hippo lover of 50yrs.

    • karen paolillo

      Hi Joan

      would love to do that but would need somebody overseas to offer to make them and post them as from here in the bush we cannot do that. Love Karen two hour drive to a postoffice and would take probably a few weeks to get to an address. If somebody would like to do this for the Trust that would be wonderful. x K


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