Cute Animals Oct 2014

Baby Baboon

Published : 29 Oct, 2014

At the Turgwe Hippo Trust a family of Chacma baboons of over fifty use our home as their habitat and so we get to watch completely natural behaviour. Some of it is so cute as you will see in this small video clip. Squiggle the slender mongoose came into our lives in March 2013 and she is still living in the house with us and is not showing any signs of wanting to leave. She has enriched our lives and our old pussycats one hundred percent and as you can see she has grown into a beautiful animal. Baby hippos and their antics take a lot to beat and here you can watch the youngest baby Darrow and his friends and family.

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  1. Sasha Haldane

    Lovely to see that squiggle is thriving and the hippos are looking so rotund!!

    • karen paolillo

      Hi everyone I haven’t done a video for December as we had our first break in two years for two weeks and then came home to the busy Christmas work. I will do a new one in January as our server is back to working properly again. I wish everyone a fantastic New Year. With hope for our world’s animals to have a much nicer 2015. Love to you all Karen and the hippos xxx

  2. karen paolillo

    thank you Judith and Kathy it means a lot to me that people do enjoy the videos. At this mo its amazingly difficult to send one. We have server hassles and just to send a minute video of 43mb to a friend for her charity work took 2.3/4hrs but hopefully by end of month the company we pay for this service will have come back here and sorted out the upload problem. Love to you all Karen and the hippos


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