Cute Animals Oct 2014

Baby Baboon

Published : 29 Oct, 2014

At the Turgwe Hippo Trust a family of Chacma baboons of over fifty use our home as their habitat and so we get to watch completely natural behaviour. Some of it is so cute as you will see in this small video clip. Squiggle the slender mongoose came into our lives in March 2013 and she is still living in the house with us and is not showing any signs of wanting to leave. She has enriched our lives and our old pussycats one hundred percent and as you can see she has grown into a beautiful animal. Baby hippos and their antics take a lot to beat and here you can watch the youngest baby Darrow and his friends and family.

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  1. Kathy Gordon

    Thank you so much for all the time and work you put into these wonderful videos.Miss Squiggle is the cutest little one I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.Seeing your videos really make my day knowing you are there to protect these amazing creatures of Africa gives us hope that there will be a future for them.

  2. Judith Pettit

    Good video, as ever. I want you to know that I always view your videos and would really miss them if you decided to stop filming. The animals are always so up close and amazing and I get to see creatures that I would never see elsewhere. So thank you and keep up the great work!!

  3. karen paolillo

    thank you Teresa and also Cynthia for your comments. Teresa the animals await your return next year and you will see that Miss Squiggle owns the show now! we are all totally under her power, cats, Jean and I and even the baboons who are afraid of all 500 grms of her!

  4. Olivia Lovan

    We always enjoy watching the videos!! We wish we could come visit our Bonbon and all the other hippos!!

  5. Christine Stewart

    I watch and love all your videos, Karen, and I really appreciate the effort it takes to get them to us. I feel a little guilty too that it takes so much of your time and fuel! A donation will be forthcoming soon to assist in the costs….

  6. Cynthia blais

    Thank you Karen for caring and sharing. THX Lona for sharing this site with me

  7. Teresa D'Amico

    I always love seeing the videos, Karen. Brings me back to the peace and beauty of the safe place you and Jean-Roger have created for the animals. I love the baboons’ use of the tail as a “lead” 🙂 Banky and Darrow are beyond adorable. And Squiggle has quite a pair of teeth there. Once again, thanks for all you do and share with the world.
    xoxo, Teresa

  8. karen paolillo

    Thank you to everyone who has commented so far and to Nora who has just finished my book may I ask you to put up a review on or .com whichever one you use. All Amazon reviews can only help to hopefully get it published in UK and USA. So far on second order of books in Australia so its doing very well. The more reviews the better. So pleased you all took the time to write a comment love to everyone Karen and the hippos xxx

  9. Olivia Turnbull Nilsson

    Just love your video, especially with the difficulties you face to make and produce them for us to enjoy. Just ordered your book. Thanks for all you do, Karen!

  10. K Croan

    So cute, & I love the baboons ‘safety reins’ equivalent. you must love living next to such beauty


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