Christmas 2022

Xmas Karen and Jean 2022

Published : 4 Dec, 2022


Holiday greetings and a very Happy Christmas to all supporters of the Turgwe Hippo Trust. We hope everyone has a happy festive time and that happiness will follow you all into the New Year. I thank every single one of you who has donated, volunteered and donated, purchased goods, adopted a hippo and most importantly by doing this have helped all these hippos and other animals.   We could not do what we do here without you all.

Love and huge Hippo Hugs

Karen & Jean-Roger, all 5 Rangers Nyasha, Peter, Elijah, Alphonce, Tapera and Silas.  With the most thanks from all the hippos and other animals.  December 2022, Hippo Haven, Turgwe Hippo Trust,




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